About Us

Time is limited. Have you ever searched and browsed online for hours looking for the perfect personalized gift? Or shop for a particular product with a design that fits your image? There are so many brands and design options nowadays that we freeze and get stressed over the amount of time it takes to find what we're looking for. We have the desire to go online and find exactly what we're looking for quickly. Google, Facebook, and many other big companies go through great efforts to cater to this exact desire. Simply Customize It does too! 

We wanted to give you the power to design & customize your own products exactly how you like it without wasting time searching online. We wanted to give you the ability to personalize gifts yourself. To make that certain someone feel extra special! Our customizer allows you to do just that. Simply upload or create an image using our customizer and we'll print it on to your product of choice.  Shipping to the USA is free and over 90% of our products are made in the USA with the other 10% handpicked for high quality! Our vision is to save you time, let you tap into your creativity, and to enjoy!